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United AMG PartnersUnited AMG Partners is California’s Premier full service consulting firm servicing companies in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Inland Empire, San Diego County and the Bay Area. The United AMG consultants have more than 35 years of combined experience in the Employee Benefits Industry. Unlike other brokers who only sell off-the-shelf plans, the United AMG consultants specialize in using out-of-the-box creative strategies that save business owners on average 16% - 24% on their health insurance premiums.  We design plans that are tailored for each individual employer and their employees because no two companies are ever alike. We achieved this by using a revolutionary interactive meeting platform that saves both time and money. Combining our extensive knowledge, experience and new technology in the industry with our resources and services, we are able to give all of our clients a competitive edge when it comes to working with Employee Benefits.

Our goal at United AMG Partners is to save our clients as much money as possible without sacrificing the richness of their benefits, educating employees how to use their benefits wisely, and also staying one step ahead of the curve with our cutting edge technology.

Our Team

George Mihov — CEO & Founding Partner

Mr. Mihov attended the University of Mary and acquired a Degree in Business Administration & MIS ……Taking his dominant work ethic and his new business acumen out into the real world, Mr. Mihov began his career in 2003 as an insurance broker with a start-up firm in Newport Beach. He quickly became one of the top consultants in the firm by helping hundreds of companies contain the cost on their health insurance premiums.


Using his knowledge and expertise Mr. Mihov excelled by using new cost cutting strategies that have never before been seen in the insurance industry. His main focus has always been to offer business owners a way to cut escalating costs while not sacrificing the quality of benefits that are being offered to their employees.


Dove-tailing his initial success in the industry Mr. Mihov co-founded United AMG Partners Insurance Services. A firm that would become the leader in innovative strategies to deal with Healthcare Reform and the ever changing business climate.


With huge success under his belt and over 10 years of experience he has attracted and retained many of the top consultants in the state of California and built a firm that prides itself on saving their clients as much money as possible without jeopardizing the employees benefits.

Angel Modestov — President & CFO

Mr. Modestov graduated from California State University of Northridge where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management.


Shortly after graduating college Mr. Modestov joined one of the biggest Employee Benefits Consulting firms in Southern California. While there he quickly excelled and became one of the top consultants in the firm. His focus has always been on developing and using strategies to cut overall insurance costs for his clients but also delivering unparalleled levels of service, making sure that the needs of his clients and their employees are always met.


In 2012 Mr. Modestov co-founded together with George Mihov, United AMG Partners Insurance Services, a full service consulting firm that focuses on helping and educating business owners on how to contain their cost when it comes to working with Group Health Insurance, Workers Compensation, Liability Insurance, and any other Business Insurance.

Scott Boyd — Vice President of Consultant Development

Mr. Boyd graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Economics Southern Methodist University and was eager to get out into the world and follow his true entrepreneurial spirit.


Upon his graduation Mr. Boyd moved out to California to begin searching for the tools to begin his business career. Yearning for more and not wanting to be stuck in the rat race and live the 9-5 cubicle job, Mr. Boyd decided to become an independent consultant and partner with a start up insurance consulting firm in 2003. In his first few years in the industry he won numerous awards including the top producing agent for Colonial Life.


The level of expertise and knowledge that Mr. Boyd brings to the table for United AMG is unparalleled. He has helped the team in the development of many creative strategies and continues to be a leader in the firm. We are glad to have him on board as an integral part of our firm.

Crystal Todorova — Marketing Team Manager

Ms. Todorova graduated with a master’s degree in International Business and Management and has performed substantial research in finance, marketing and economics.


She began her career as an Office Coordinator for a large international financial company, where a combination of hands-on experience and education allowed her to acquire an in-depth understanding of the main tools used to optimize business decisions.


Ms. Todorova brings a diverse perspective to the United AMG Partners team and serves as an expert on customer engagement to help market our services. She currently serves as a leading Marketing Consultant.

James Gould — Senior Employee Benefits Consultant

Mr. Gould was born and raised in Southern California. He grew up  excelling on the basketball court and received a full scholarship to attend the University of Mary where was voted NAIA player in the country twice throughout his career. He graduated with a BA in Business Administration and CIS.

Upon graduation Mr. Gould started a career with Corrective Solutions as specialist in financial resolutions and was voted most productive employee from 2006 to 2012 as well as Employee of the Year in 2007.

Wanting to explore other opportunities and the possibility of working with the top consultants in the financial marketplace, Mr. Gould approached United AMG Partners and his talents were acquired by the firm in January of 2013.

Mr. Gould is a true asset to the firm with his main area of focus being client acquisition and financial analysis.

Patrick Shen — Senior Employee Benefits Consultant

Mr Shen graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Business Economics from University of California Irvine. After completing his undergrad studies, he began his career at an elite brokerage firm in Orange County where he became an industry leader in the insurance benefits consulting field.


With over 9 years as an industry specialist, Mr. Shen has built a successful career and a solid book of business. As a Senior Benefits Consultant, he brings valuable experience and knowledge to the table for United AMG Partners.


His main areas of focus are in client cost containment, employee education seminars and the business development for all insurance programs, including the integration of new programs and lines of business into the United AMG Partners portfolio.

Frenciz Ray Pesodas — Human Resources Manager

Ms. Frenciz Ray Pesodas has an interesting and unique background that makes her an invaluable asset to United AMG Partners. She has many years of experience that focus on being of service to others and putting the customer first.


In 2013, Ms. Pesodas graduated from the University of Cebu in the Philippines with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and began working as a customer service specialist for Convergys Philippines, one of the most prominent and well-regarded BPO companies in the country. She was also recognized as a top performing freelancer on UpWork in 2015, the largest freelancing platform on the Internet.


Ms. Pesodas will be bringing her considerable experience and expertise to United AMG Partners by acting as a Human Resources Manager.

Christopher A. Dolan — Senior Employee Benefits Consultant

Mr. Dolan recently graduated top of his class from the University of California Los Angeles with Bachelor of Science in Astrophysics where he was involved with numerous research studies in the field of condensed matter.


Upon graduation, Mr. Dolan sought to branch out into the financial services industry and chose United AMG Partners.


With an advanced understanding of mathematics and finance, Mr. Dolan uses his expertise to provide clients with accessible expertise and an honest, thoughtful, problem-solving approach to the complex and potentially frustrating world of insurance.  He is a welcomed asset to United AMG Partners.

Chris Sato — Senior Employee Benefits Consultant & Medicare Specialist

After graduating from the University of California-Irvine with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Mr. Sato ventured out to develop his expertise in the corporate insurance industry. Almost immediately after leaving college, he joined an established insurance agency in Irvine and served alongside experienced consultants for nearly seven years.


Mr. Sato developed a keen expertise in the employee benefits arena and has helped hundreds of businesses deal with the rising cost of healthcare, as well as Obamacare. As his career progressed, he expanded his acumen and became a Covered CA and Medicare Specialist before bringing his talents to United AMG Partners.


Mr. Sato currently focuses on consulting clients and adds tremendous knowledge to the firm’s team.

Matt D. Yanakiev — General Manager

Mr. Yanakiev graduated with a degree in Economics, Business Management and Marketing. Before joining United AMG Partners, he served as Business Account Manager and Chief of Marketing and Promotions for a boutique marketing firm that operates in England.


Mr. Yanakiev is an expert at managing and maintaining the business processes for both big and small teams. With more than 10 years of experience in sales and marketing team management, Mr. Yanakiev now uses his talents to benefit the United AMG Partners team and support the efforts of our marketing teams.


Mr. Yanakiev is a true asset to the firm. To date, he has streamlined and optimized the United AMG Partners’ internal processes to ultimately benefit our clients.

Betty Peycheva — Senior Marketing Benefits Consultant

Ms. Betty Peycheva has consistently shown an interest in business marketing  and communication. She graduated from a specialized training school studying Computer Systems and Technologies.


In addition to her studies and academic success, Ms. Peycheva also has practical experience in the business world, having sold educational systems door to door during the summer of 2017 in Portland, Oregon.


She is now a top marketing specialist with United AMG, leading her team and developing new skills in the insurance world.


In her free time, she enjoys studying art and has an interest in animation.

Payne Sauer — Senior Employee Benefits Consultant

As a former collegiate hockey player and communications advertising major, Mr. Sauer has a diverse background of experiences that span competitive sports and development of integrated marketing campaigns. Mr. Sauer graduated from California State University-Fullerton with a Bachelor's degree in Communications and Advertising and  joined United AMG Partners as a Marketing Consultant to begin his corporate business insurance career.


Though he officially traded in his 17-year hockey career for an office, he’s managed to retain his competitive edge when handling new marketing strategies and working closely with corporate clients. Mr. Sauer concentrates primarily on B2B marketing and also lends a hand with the full range of marketing initiatives for the firm.

Alexander Gudkov — Senior Employee Benefits Consultant

Mr. Alexander Gudkov received both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Plekhanov University of Economics in Moscow, Russia. Soon after, he earned a stock market qualification certificate and began to work at Sberbank known as the largest and most well-regarded bank in Eastern Europe.


To further his education and learn more about the business world, Mr. Gudkov completed certificate programs in International Business, International Marketing, International Business Operations and Corporate Insurance. The knowledge and experience gained through his education has allowed him to perform duties and services for his clients successfully for many years.


Mr. Alexander Gudkov’s drive for results and first-hand experience are key reasons why he is an important asset of United AMG Partners, where he serves as a Business Consultant.

Maria Georgieva — Senior Marketing Benefits Consultant

Ms. Maria Georgieva has a wide range of skills and experience that she has been building up over the years.  After graduation she participated in the Erasmus program, an initiative run by the EU that allows students to work and study in different European countries. She has graduated with a bachelor's degree in Tourism and Hospitality and is now focusing on business marketing.


Beyond her studies, Maria worked for a 4 star hotel in Lanzarote on the Canary Islands. This international experience Ms. Georgieva has gained inspired her to pursue work that would build upon her knowledge and love for communication.


Outside of work, Ms. Georgieva has a passion for coffee and sweets.


We are very pleased to welcome Ms. Maria Georgieva to United AMG Partners where she will be working as a Marketing Benefits Consultant.

Andrea Rodriguez — Junior Marketing Consultant

Ms. Andrea Rodriguez graduated from university in 2016 with a degree in Business Administration, where her focus was in marketing and sales. While pursuing academics, Ms. Rodriguez also spent time building her public speaking skills through debates and speeches.


In addition to her strong academic background, Ms. Andrea Rodriguez has worked in client assistance at the managerial level. She has a lot of experience serving corporate clients and making sure they get what they need. Even in her free time, she enjoys engaging in interpersonal communication through travel and cultural exchange.


United AMG Partners is pleased to be working with Ms. Rodriguez, where she is serving as a Marketing Consultant.

Paul Arnold — Client Account Manager

Paul Arnold has a long and impressive list of achievements that he is proud to share with United AMG Partners.


Mr. ArnoldI's work experience is equally interesting. He spent four years at UnitedHealthcare, where he worked in the member service call center. He managed various aspects of service there, including writing claims, taking care of complaints, resolving issues with prescriptions, and confirming eligibility. He was eventually promoted to the Provider Data Management section, where he was in charge of maintaining and updating important provider contact information and licensing.


Later, he spent six years with Orange County Mental Health as a counselor for homeless and mentally ill individuals. Not only did he assist in assessing behavior and providing emotional support, he also helped with the practical aspects affecting this community, such as providing showers and three square meals a day.


In the last 10 years, Mr. Arnold was a Client Account Manager in the Employee Benefits industry that let him to be one of the best in the business. He managed over 500 clients and taking care of everything from day to day issues to specific claims and requests.


With this extensive portfolio and his experience providing both quality service and managing interpersonal relations, Mr. Paul Arnold is proving to be extremely efficient and accountable in his role as United AMG Partners' newest Client Account Manager.

Kenny Sewell — Employee Benefits Consultant

Kenny Sewell has an extensive range of knowledge and experience which has been cultivated throughout the years. He graduated from the University of California, Irvine with an impressive 3.7 GPA and Cum Laude recognition. His degree was in Global Cultures, a diverse field of study including topics from Economics to the Social Sciences. This has allowed him to be very versatile in the workplace and easily adapt to a changing work environment.


Mr. Sewell has a vast experience in management positions and for the past few years has been helping business grow and expand in the Los Angeles Area. This practical knowledge along with the theoretical know how gained in school has helped him to excel in a fast-paced work environment, often forming deep bonds with his clients and exceeding their goals.


As a Marketing Consultant Mr. Sewell is a true asset to the clients of United AMG Partners.

Sofia Ponce Ayala — Junior Marketing Consultant

Ms. Sofia Ponce Ayala has an undergraduate degree was in graphic design and she later went on to receive a Masters Degree in Marketing and Sales Management. In addition to courses related to her majors, Sofia took classes focusing on social innovation, world peace, digital marketing, photography, architecture, and design.


Her credentials go beyond the theoretical. Her most impressive achievements in school are complemented by practical experience in the business world. During her studies, she worked with her father to start a foundation dedicated to helping vulnerable communities in a variety of areas, including development, education, career advancement, and communication. Her love of entrepreneurship and other cultures also inspired her to study at Hong Kong University, where she studied English with a focus on marketing and business.


Sofia is working as a Marketing Consultant.

Eric Yosifov — Senior Marketing Benefits Consultant

Mr. Eric Yosifov has always shown interest and aptitude in both business and international relations. He earned his bachelor degree in International Economic Relations from the University of Economics Varna Bulgaria, and from there he put that knowledge to good use.


While his degree proves both his interest and aptitude for business, his hobbies demonstrate a dedication to personal and professional development. Eric Yosifov enjoys traveling abroad and expanding his knowledge of other cultures, and he also does bodybuilding during his free time to improve his physical strength and endurance.


Mr. Yosifov’s work experience is also very impressive. He worked in Berlin for four years, during which he was able to gain experience in an international and intercultural setting. Furthermore, he gained practical knowledge of multiple aspects of business, including sales, logistics, and marketing.


Eric Yosifov is pleased to be joining United AMG Partners as a Senior Marketing Benefits Consultant.

Michael Hutnick — Employee Benefits Consultant

Mr. Hutnick graduated from Southern New Hampshire University, where he earned his degree in Business Studies, with an expertise in Small Business Management. Upon graduation relocated to Southern California, and put his entrepreneurial spirit to the test in launching his first of five small businesses in a student-athlete training, development, and college placement service.


Once established, he found himself utilizing his years working with households, young professionals, and businesses in the financial planning and benefits consulting space. Now specializing in top down planning for organizations starting with employee benefits such as health and 401k, finishing with executive and employee planning for those who make their organization a success!


As a former Collegiate All-American in the sport of Lacrosse, and with over a decade of coaching and involvement in college-bound student-athletes, Michael prides himself on giving back whenever possible. With his business career in focus, and his current team and organizational leadership, you can now find ‘Coach Hutnick’ giving back to the community through his College Conundrum Presentations and various speaking arrangements with focusing on education, insurance, and finance.

Alexandra Murch — Medicare Consultant

Ms. Murch attended Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, CA with her focus of study in Business Law and Administration. In 2010, she decided to shift her focus to the insurance industry, specifically Medicare.


Ms. Murch became an advocate for seniors through her position as an insurance broker. She represents a vast number of carriers offering Medicare Supplement Plans, Medicare Advantage Plans and Prescription Drug Plans.


Her commitment and knowledge in the industry has made her a leader amongst her peers. Several national carriers have acknowledged her as a top performer in the area of Medicare Supplemental Insurance. By attending seminars, workshops and annual product training throughout the year, Ms. Murch continues to keep apprised of the changes that could affect her clients now, and into the future. She is a welcome asset to the United AMG team and allows us to accommodate those clients who have an aging population.


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